Other Leiber Nominations x 3!

So since receiving my first Leiber Award nomination from LilyShadowWriter, I have received two more nominations from TotalSimmer518, Undergroundedgar, and MsMidnightBlonde. Thank you all so very much for nominating my story! You don’t know how much this means to me just to know that my story is being acknowledge and favored by someone. I work so hard on it and knowing that it’s paying off just gives me more motivation to keep it going. 😀

If you are unfamiliar with the rules for nominations, I have posted them in my previous post here. My answers to my first nomination can also be found on that post. 🙂

Now here are my answers to the others who nominated me:

TotalSimmer518’s Questions:

  1. What gave you the idea to write your story? I always have some sort of scenario or some sort of story idea running through my head, so one day, I was watching a movie (I forget which one) where the mother had murdered her husband. Something clicked for me and I instantly got this idea of writing about a woman who’s mother was a serial killer and had killed her father when she was little and her fending for herself is what starts the legacy. I hadn’t read a Sims story like that and thought it might be a good idea. I’m glad I did! 😀
  2. Who is your favorite character? Who is your least favorite? If you mean from my story, then I would say my most favorite is Max Willow because he’s so sweet and caring and yet still very troubled. He deals with a lot in his present while trying to find a way to deal with his past at the same time. He reminds me a lot like Declan, which is weird because I wasn’t even trying to make them similar in personalities. My least favorite was Corey, Annalise’s ex-boyfriend. When I created him, I didn’t like him. LOL! He had one of those asshole type of faces and I thought he would be good fit to be her ex-boyfriend. I didn’t like Blair either, Max’s biological father, but at least he was kind of cute.
  3. What are some of your hobbies other than simming? I read a lot. I also love to write, obviously. I play other games on the computer and I guess hanging out with my husband is a hobby too, haha!
  4. What is your favorite Sims game? My favorite Sims game is TS3. Before it came out, I was a die-hard TS2 fan, haha! But TS3 had a lot more to offer that I was craving for TS2.
  5. Do you pull from your personal life experiences when writing out your story? Yes, I do act actually! Even if I’m not going through the same things that my characters are going through, I will relate to how they are feeling to my own feelings at that time or how I use to feel in my past. I think every writer does that. It makes the writing even better in my opinion because you’re pulling something out of you onto paper or onto the computer and into these characters and you can sense the passion and feeling in the writing.
  6. What is your favorite trait in the Sims 3? Ah, so many things that I like! I absolutely love the age groups and the various types of things they can do. That’s what attracted me to TS3 in the first place. I know a lot of people don’t really play with their Sims in the toddler stages, but I do. It adds a lot to my stories. I also love the pets and the seasons too. Makes storytelling more realistic.
  7. Favorite Expansion pack? Generations. I remember when the first time I bought this EP. It got broken and I had to go without it for a couple of years. It made my game-playing slightly dull. I finally was able to buy another copy last year. I also love Pets too, but that’s only because I’m an animal lover. 🙂
  8. When you first started play the Sims, which game did you start with? 1, 2, 3, or 4? Oh, I started playing right when The Sims first came out. I was 15, I believe. My best friend at the time had gotten it for her birthday and I would play it every time I went to her house. Then my mom bought it for me shortly after. I was hooked, but didn’t become obsessed with it until TS2 came out. And I mean OBSESSED! LOL!
  9. Favorite aspect of the Sims (do you like building, interior decorating, Create-a-sim, or actual game-play)? My most favorite part is interior decorating and then it’s building. I wish I could get my house to look the way I make my Sims’ houses look! It takes a long time, but I find it relaxing. I do build a lot in my game though. Probably more than I do anything else. I use to want to become an architect and was going to go to school for it, but once I saw that I had to take Physics, that dream went right on out the window! 😛
  10. Best place you ever lived? Uhhh, I’m still trying to find that place, hahaha! I would say Southern California, I guess. It’s beautiful out there, but really expensive! I was born and raised there. After I got married, we moved to Oklahoma for a job for my husband, then we moved to Las Vegas, which I really don’t like, but it’s way better than Oklahoma!
  11. What snack food do you like to eat when you’re writing? Usually something sweet as I have a major sweet tooth. More than likely some sort of cookie, haha. Can you imagine how fat I must be?! LMAO! I don’t really eat much while I’m writing though. I always have to have something to drink. I don’t know why, but it helps me to concentrate better.


Undergroundedgar’s Questions:

  1. What had gotten you into the sims franchise and how has it taken over your life (if so)? My ex-best friend got me into it when The Sims first came out. I was 15 then. Since, I’ve been hooked and can’t go too long without needing to play it, hahaha! I use to be highly addicted to the game and would play everyday for hours straight, but that was when I was a teenager with nothing to do, lol.
  2. What are the best things about the Sims and what are the worst things of them Sims? The best things about the Sims is that it allows your story to come to life. It’s one thing to be able to write a story, but it’s another thing to be able to visually make it happen without having to draw it out. The worst thing about the Sims is that if you’re not pose savvy, then you’re very limited to what your Sims can do. That is, if you’re a storyteller. Before I learned how to make poses, I always had to find the pose that I wanted from another creator and often times, you can’t find the one that you want. I’m glad I took the time to learn it because it’s made my story experience much more pleasant!
  3. If you had to play your own simself in a game how would you treat them? My self-Sim does all the things I cannot do in real life and lives in a big house with a pool and horse stables…Actually, she’s pretty spoiled!
  4. Are there any other games apart form sims that you play, or is it just the sims? I play a bunch of other computer games, none of which are like the Sims, but are more like the games you’ll find on Facebook, except you don’t have to wait for other players to send you stuff, haha! I play a lot of games on my PS3, such as Medal of Honor, Grand Theft Auto IV, and most of the Battlefield games. Yeah, I like war games mainly. Sometimes I’ll play Madden Football with my husband too. But it’s mainly Sims that I play.
  5. What kind of music do you listen to while you write? (e.g soft music, instrumental, pop, ect) I don’t listen to music while I write because it distracts me too much and I always end up getting into the songs, lol. I always have the TV on low so I have some background noise. I can’t write in silence.
  6. On a bad day what helps to make it better. (this could be anything, like writing, or exercising, ect) I always play the Sims on a bad day. It’s the only thing that distracts me from a crappy day.
  7. Is there any other hobbies part from writing that you would like to share? Nothing that I haven’t mentioned before really. I use to have a couple of Sims magazine that I worked on with other collaborators. That was fun, but real life got in the way for all of us and we had to stop. Haven’t done anything new since.
  8. What helps you get into the mood for writing? Usually a rainy day will do it. When I know it won’t be raining for awhile, I will wait for the right day to work on my writing. It’s something I can’t explain. It’s just a feeling that I get that let’s me know that I’m in the right mood to write. Weird, I know.
  9. Who is your favorite fictional character (this can be from your own work or other work) I’ll think of a fictional character from another story than my own since I already mentioned my favorite character from my own in a previous question from someone else. I would say…Superman, does he count? LOL. He’s always been my favorite superhero. 😛
  10. PC, Mac or Laptop for writing? PC. I don’t have a Mac. Although I should have a Mac.
  11. Is WordPress the only place that you share your creative writing and publish it? No, I also have two other Sims 3 legacy stories on my Simblr. 🙂

 MsMidnightBlonde’s Questions:

  1. If you could restart one generation or a couple chapters from your story, would you? Yes, I would redo a couple of chapters from generation one because towards the end, the world I was using corrupted my game somehow and I had to speed ahead in my story, so I felt the ending was rushed, but I did my best considering what I had to work with. :/
  2. Do you prefer making sims, building houses/lots, decorating, or any combination of the three? Making lots and decorating is more of my preference. I’m okay at creating Sims, I guess, but I find it too time consuming for me considering that I’m just making a Sim and not building a house or decorating, haha.
  3. Who is your oldest and most cherished sim you created? If you’re talking about since I’ve been playing the Sims period, I would say it would be a teenage female Sim named Remy Carter whom I created for a Sims story in TS2. She was the prettiest Sim I’ve ever made and one of my oldest. Unfortunately I lost her when my desktop went out. 😦 I’ve thought about re-creating her, but I don’t have enough patience for that. LOL!
  4. When writing your stories, do you already have an idea of how you want the generation or chapter to go or do you just play and take it a chapter at a time? I normally have an idea of how I want the generation to go, although as I’m writing each chapter out, I do take it one at a time because sometimes I change my mind and want the story to go a different direction.
  5. Have you ever made a sim you didn’t really like too much, but they grew on you the more you played them? Yes, and that would be Declan Chadwick from generation one of my story! I wasn’t sure if I liked the way he looked at first, but as I kept taking pictures of him–especially with Corrina–he eventually grew on me. Unfortunately I lost him too when my laptop went down. I have the worse luck with computers, I swear!
  6. When developing your story, have you made a complete character background of your main characters, or even the minor ones, or do you learn more about them as the story progresses? I always plan each main character before I start, and then the minor ones come along as I’m writing and then I make up my mind about them at that time they are created and introduced into the story. 🙂
  7. Dialogue: difficult or the easiest part of the story? Does it feel natural, like it flows, or kind of stilted? It feels natural to me. When I use dialogue, I write it out as if I am that particular character. I always have each character’s personality in mind when I write out their dialogue. It’s the easiest for me and it allows me to become more enthralled into that character’s life.
  8. If you’re introducing a character with a background (i.e. a doctor, police officer, scientist) or a place (i.e. city, state, country, time) you’re unfamiliar with, do you research it or just make things up? If involves an occupation, I’ll do some research about that type of work. I never want to assume anything in fear of offending anyone. The locations I use are always fictional, so I make up any facts about that place to save some time and to be more creative with the story.
  9. What time period(s) do you typically write in? Are there others you’d be interested in doing in other stories? I tend to write in modern day. I prefer it that way because it’s the easiest for me and I can relate to it more than any other time periods.
  10. Do you write via pen/pencil, computer, or a combination? Computer, always. I use to write with a pencil and paper when I was a lot younger, but it takes more time and I type as fast as I’m thinking things through, so it’s faster and easier. I type really fast, haha!
  11. Do you get nervous showing your work or are you pretty confident in what you’ve written? There are times when I do get a little nervous about publishing my writing if I am not sure of it, but most times I feel pretty confident about it. I’m not perfect and I will make mistakes and I’ve learned to accept that and be comfortable with that. 🙂

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