Site News – 11/16/15

*Sigh* So, here’s what happened…

On November 11th, my father passed away due to his long 19-year battle with heart disease. In June, he had a stroke, and then in mid-August, he had a second stroke. After his stroke, it left him pretty messed up. He was able to move around and everything, but it had affected part his brain. While he was in the hospital, he was very confused, scared, and would hallucinate. They had to restrain in the bed because he was getting physical with the nurses (which is completely unlike him), and heΒ  escaped the hospital twice. He was in there for three weeks before he was finally able to come home, which was a very good thing because he almost went to a psych ward. He seemed to have been doing as good as can be expected, but apparently his heart just gave out on him unexpectedly. He died peacefully at home, which is comforting, and not somewhere in public or in the hospital.

So of course, this prevented me from working more on the next chapter. His funeral is this Saturday, and I still have several homework assignments to catch up on, so it looks like I will have some time next week to continue on with the chapter. Once again, thank you for being patient and sticking around.


12 thoughts on “Site News – 11/16/15

  1. Don’t even worry about not updating, hun. Take as much time as you need. I can’t imagine the kind of roller coaster you must be on right now….I know I’d be all over the place.

    My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care…We’ll be here.

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