My Work-At-Home Group

Hi all!

Just dropping by to announce my new Facebook group called Virtual Me. Virtual Me is a support group to help those who want or in need of working remotely (work from home). Remote job listings are posted daily with links directly to the job post or to a list of jobs if a company is hiring for multiple remote positions.

If you, or someone you know, who lives in the United States would like to know more about these jobs and want to join the group, click the link below. To join is free, of course, and your request to join will be approved within minutes!

At this time, I am only posting jobs in the United States only because that is my audience right now. However, if you would like to join and live outside of the U.S., then I encourage you to join! I would love to post job listings that are available in other countries too! ☺

Right now, I have 71 members, so please help me spread the word by sharing the group to your Facebook wall and to any other social media sites you may be on! The more, the merrier!


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