Story Reviews Request

Hi readers! 🙂

I hope you like the new look! As mentioned in my previous post, I am dealing with my husband’s illness, so I will only be working on this story and have postponed the contest until further notice. In the meantime, I am asking you all a favor…

Before I continue on with this story, I would like some feedback from you all. Just a few sentences on how you like or don’t like this story, what you like best about it or what you don’t like about it, blah blah blah. This is to just help me stay motivated and would lift my spirits to see some feedback.

You can submit your reviews here in the Comments section below. I really appreciate it! ❤


8 thoughts on “Story Reviews Request

      • Ooh, I just remembered that I’ve already done this on my Recommendations page!
        Expanding on that, I think my fave element of your story is the quality of pictures and sims, I really like them! I’m jelly of how nice your shots are. Your writing is great, nicely descriptive and emotional. I’m not sure what I can say about dislikes… there’s nothing obvious that needs improvement.
        Being very honest, there’s something which doesn’t make this story as suspenseful and intriguing as others, but I can’t quite pinpoint why, because yours has lots of interesting drama and secrets. I think it might be just that it deals with more ‘everyday’ human struggles rather than large scale supernatural/crime etc. BUT that’s not a bad thing! Just my own personal preference, which applies to novels as well as simlit. I’m very much a dystopia/fantasy girl that doesn’t read many of those high school or ‘real life’ centred books. So please don’t change anything on my opinion~

      • I…did not know you recommended my story! LOL! Well thank you very much! I appreciate your lovely review and I totally respect your preference, so no worries. I personally LOVE to read crime fiction novels, but could never meet that level of talent in my Sims legacies, LOL. Thank you for doing the review!!! 😀

  1. I don’t have anything negative at all to say about your story, but here is what I really love…
    Personally, one of my favourite genres to read is literary realism, so I love how it explores everyday issues, and makes what we can often perceive as boring and mundane really interesting. It makes me appreciate and take notice of the good moments in a regular day, and makes everything a bit more exciting haha.
    As part of that, I think your characters are really interesting and relateable, and the way you write gives your story a really nice pace. Not too much information, but some really nice description!
    Your pictures are also gorgeous! Your simmies look so pretty and it just makes it so nice to read and really professional looking.
    I really love reading this story!

  2. Hi there! I don’t have a review because I haven’t read your story yet, but I just dropped by to say that I’ve peeked through a couple of chapters a while ago and it looks so nice and interesting, I’ll try to catch up very soon! (I might still review as soon as I’m all caught up though!) So expect a lot of likes and comments in a while, lol!

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