The Willows – Where Are They Now?


Glad to say that this is my first post in 2019! I thought I’d give you all a brief update as to what is going on with the other Willow children. I know there aren’t as much memories with Madeline and Shiloh as there were with Adelia and Landon, but you’ll get to see them later on in the story again.

I took an updated picture of Max and Annalise together, but it seems as though the screen-capture program didn’t want to work that day, so I lost it. However, there are several memories of them together from Generation 2 posted.

Landon Willow


Loner, Handy, Green Thumb, Childish, Frugal

Upon graduating high school, Landon got a job working as a waiter at a local pub until he became of age, then he started working as a bartender. He then decided to go to University to get a Business degree and graduated. After working in the same pub for a few years and saving up, he was able to move out on his own and eventually own his own bar where he is now bartending. His Lifetime Wish is to become a Master Mixologist, so he’s working hard towards that now.

Landon currently lives alone and doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. If you know somebody who would be perfect for him, let me know! 😀


Madeline Willow


Genius, Brave, Good Sense of Humor, Family-Oriented, Light Sleeper

Madeline Willow, who is the oldest twin, is currently going to University to study Medicine. Her Lifetime Wish is to become an Animal Rescuer, so she wants to work towards becoming a Veterinarian while owning her own rescue pet shelter.

Madeline stayed in Meadow Glenn, but wishes to move to Appaloosa Plains soon. She is currently dating someone, but is keeping her options open at the moment. She eventually wants to settle down and have a family of her own someday and wants to ensure she chooses the right mate.


Shiloh Willow


Absent-Minded, Hopeless Romantic, Heavy Sleeper, Friendly, Loves the Heat

Shiloh, the younger twin, is also currently attending University with his twin and is following in his big brother’s footsteps and studying Business as well. His Lifetime Wish is Resort Empire, so naturally, he will need that Business degree to know how to own and run all those resorts!

Shiloh is not very active in the dating scene. He actually has his eye on one particular lady, but it’s been hard for him to get her attention. If you all know of anyone who would be great for him too, please let me know! 😀


Max and Annalise still reside in Meadow Glenn, but eventually moved into a five-bedroom home by the lake in the event their children (and possibly grandchildren) ever want to stay overnight when they come to visit them. Max still owns his bakery while Annalise still writes articles for the local newspaper.

They are both soon about to retire and are thinking of retiring in Sunlit Tides.


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