Reader Reviews

These are a few reviews I received from a few bloggers who have nominated my story for the Leibster Award; an award that went around WordPress recognizing new writers or writers who have 3,000 followers or less. I appreciate each and every one of these reviews, so thank you! If you would like to submit a kind review, feel free to submit one. I love hearing your feedback!

Again this is another legacy that is only up to 2 generations but that doesn’t’ matter as each chapter has so much time and effort put into it and it shows. All the pictures are lovely and are well taken. The story is a slow burn and that is a nice thing. It settles you right into the story and you now exactly where everything is going on.


This legacy story immediately starts out with a gripping plot and compelling characters with unique stories—all brought to life with utterly striking photos. This wonderful blog is totally in need of some more love, so go check it out!


This story is truly a work of art! The writing style is brilliant and it makes me feel like I am right there with the characters. This story makes me feel sad, excited, happy all in one sitting!


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