About the Willows

The Life and Times of the Willows begins with Corrina Willow, the heir of the first generation, however, the family wounds runs beyond her. As she inherits her insidious mother’s home, she conquers a difficult journey to find herself and along the way, finds a lifetime of happiness. Will the past remain the past or will the cycle continue? Only time will tell.

Warning: This story contains some NSFW pictures, profanity, and adult situations. If you are uncomfortable by these things, then I suggest you don’t read any further.

How I Play:

  • This is a free-play, stress-free legacy. I don’t play by any rules. 😉
  • I give credit to every custom lot, Sim or pose I use in my story.
  • I don’t use any gender-preference cheats, such as apples, watermelons or ambrosia.
  • I do use cheat codes and mods and they are:
    • testingcheatsenabled true
    • moveobjects on
    • hideheadlineeffects on
    • StoryProgression by nraas
    • MasterController by nraas
    • Woohooer by nraas
  • I don’t use any other type of Sims, except for human Sims.
  • I don’t use a point system.
  • I do NOT choose the heirs! I create a poll for my readers to vote.


Gen 1

Corrina Willow

Gen 2

Maxwell Willow

Gen 3

Adelia Willow

12 thoughts on “About the Willows

    • Aww wow, I’m very flattered! I’m so happy that my story has inspired you to write your own!! 😀 I will add your story to my list of recommendations. 😀

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