Gen. 2 Profiles

TS3W 2015-03-31 15-26-49-26Maxwell Willow is the son of Corrina Willow and her boss, Blair Hardy, although he was later on adopted by Declan Chadwick. Max is a tortured soul to say the least who has a hard time dealing with being the product of rape, and doesn’t know how exactly to cope with his feelings. So instead, he deals with it by finding solace in various women–even though he is not a womanizer–and has a hard time committing himself to a serious relationship. He bottles up his anguish inside and it subtly shows when he labels himself as “tainted” and degrades himself by not allowing himself to find love because he feels as though he doesn’t deserve it.

Name: Maxwell Chadwick-Willow

Age: 24 (YA)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Purple

Traits: Loner, Can’t Stand Art, Lucky, Friendly, and Dog Lover

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Key Lime Pie

Favorite Music Genre: R&B music

Zodiac: Scorpio


TS3W 2015-05-20 19-15-12-99

Annalise Bloom is the best friend of Max Willow. She’s the only person in Max’s life who completely understands him and what he goes through mentally in regards to his biological father and the death of his mother.

**You may have noticed in the earlier chapters of generation 2 that she looks a little different then she does now. This is because when I lost some of the characters in the crash, I had to redo some of them and she was the most complicated one to redo!

Name: Annalise Bloom

Age: 24 (YA)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Traits: Athletic, Brave, Frugal, Irresistible, and Loves the Outdoors

Favorite Color: Lime

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Music Genre: Song Writer

Zodiac: Leo


TS3W 2014-07-28 18-16-16-72

Erik Trevorman is a mutual friend of Max and Annalise. Erik met Max when he first arrived in Hillcrest and was working as at a diner.

Name: Erik Trevorman

Age: 26 (YA)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Cerulean Blue

Traits: Unlucky, Social Butterfly, Loves the Cold, Great Kisser, and Workaholic

Favorite Color: Irish Green

Favorite Food: Cookies

Favorite Music Genre: Hip Hop

Zodiac: Gemini


TS3W 2014-07-13 22-01-20-19

Tia Tawari is a woman Max met at a nightclub and had a one-night stand with. Even though they had a lot in common, they both agreed that neither of them were looking for anything serious.

Name: Tia Tawari

Age: 27 (YA)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Light Brown

Traits: Irresistible, Animal Lover, Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, and Hydrophobic

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Veggie Rolls

Favorite Music Genre: Indie

Zodiac: Capricorn


TS3W 2014-12-21 14-29-28-98

Corey is the abusive ex-boyfriend of Annalise whom Max unintentionally murdered for putting Annalise in a year-long coma.

Name: Corey Leeman

Age: 25 (YA)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Yellow

Traits: Commitment Issues, Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Mean Spirited, and Neurotic

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Favorite Music Genre: Indie

Zodiac: Scorpio


TS3W 2015-05-20 11-16-51-00

Stella Parker is the daughter of Brook Willow and the estranged cousin of Max and Aubrey Chadwick-Willow. She passes through Hillcrest Cove and visits Max and tells him some disturbing news about Brook.

Name: Stella Parker

Age: 17 (Teen)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Traits: Virtuoso, Hates the Outdoors, Nurturing, and Socially Awkward

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Egg Rolls

Favorite Music Genre: Indie


TS3W 2015-05-18 18-47-47-20

Mixie Green aka “Ms. Green” is Adelia’s preschool teacher. She’s a minor character in the story, but you will see her from time to time in this generation.

Name: Mixie Green

Age: 33 (Adult)

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Traits: Nurturing, Hopeless Romantic, Vegetarian, Green-Thumb, and Dog Lover

Favorite Color: Lilac

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Spaghetti

Favorite Music Genre: College Rock

TS3 2016-07-23 20-21-10-28Quinn Carter is the mother of Adelia Willow. She met Max in her early twenties and they briefly dated where she found herself pregnant with Max’s child. She wanted desperately to be with Max, but he did not share the same feelings, and ever since then, she’s harbored some ill feelings towards. In result, she ended up with Bruce Taylor, the cousin of Corey and Curtis Leeman.

Name: Quinn Carter-Leeman

Age: 28

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Light Brown

Traits: Gold Digger, Hot-Headed, Diva, Great Kisser, and Party Animal

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Fish & Chips

Favorite Music Genre: Songwriter

TS3 2016-08-03 15-17-02-61Bruce is the coworker of Annalise as well as the cousin of Corey and Curtis Leeman. Hired by Curtis to help avenge Corey’s death, Bruce tricks Max into thinking he’s Curtis to throw him off the scent of the real Curtis from coming after him.

Name: Bruce Taylor

Age: 40

Hair Color: Platinum Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Traits: Mean-Spirited, Workaholic, Hates the Outdoors, Loves To Swim, and Handy

Favorite Color: Forest Green

Favorite Food: Key Lime Pie

Favorite Music Genre: Roots

TS3 2016-08-04 11-12-56-44Curtis Leeman, the older brother of Corey Leeman, seeks revenge of his brother’s murder by going after Max and Annalise. He seeks the help of their cousin, Bruce, who is also the husband of Quinn and Annalise’s coworker.

Name: Curtis Leeman

Age: 41

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Traits: Mean-Spirited, Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Socially Awkward, and Unlucky

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Favorite Music Genre: Country

AdeliaAdelia is all about her family and cares deeply for anyone who returns the affection. She thrives on being wanted and has a strong desire to have a big family someday. She loves to socialize, but her hot-headed temper makes it hard for others to get very close to her sometimes.

Name: Adelia Maureen Willow


Current Age: 23

LTW: Surrounded By Family

Zodiac: Aries


  • Hopeless Romantic
  • Social Butterfly
  • Family Oriented
  • Hot-Headed
  • Over-Emotional


  • Food: Dim Sum
  • Music: Songwriter
  • Color: Red

LandonLandon is very competitive, but is by all means not an athletic person. He prefers to be around friends and family and hates to be alone. He prides himself on his handiness skills and is a child at heart.

Name: Landon Maxwell Willow

Current Age: 20

LTW: Master Mixologist

Zodiac: Taurus


  • Childish
  • Social Butterfly
  • Frugal
  • Nurturing
  • Handy


  • Food: Cookies
  • Music: Country
  • Color: Aqua

MadelineMadeline is the spunky one of the bunch and isn’t afraid to get her hands and feet wet. Definitely taking after her father, she jumps right into action wherever needed and will take a beating if she has to. She’s thrives on making people laugh and taking care of dogs, and desires to become a Veterinarian someday.

Name: Madeline Anise Willow

Current Age: 17

LTW: None Yet

Zodiac: Pisces


  • Brave
  • Dog Lover
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Light Sleeper


  • Food: Tri-Tip Tofu Steak
  • Music: Classical
  • Color: Red

ShilohShiloh is the baby and is naturally doted on the most, although he hates the attention and prefers to do things on his own. He’s very well liked in his school and has no problem getting a girl to like him. Taking after his father’s talent in sculpting, he desires to be a sculptor someday.

Name: Shiloh Declan Willow

Current Age: 16

LTW: None Yet

Zodiac: Aquarius


  • Absent-Minded
  • Friendly
  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Savvy Sculptor


  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Music: Classical
  • Color: Lime Green

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